Bangladesh to work with countries that help its advancement: PM Hasina

Prime minister Sheikh HasinaOfficial photo

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said Bangladesh would rather work with those countries which will help in Dhaka's journey towards development and prosperity not taking into consideration who engages in war with whom.

"I first consider the development of my country. I will move ahead with those who will help us in our country's development," she said, adding that in that case, Bangladesh will not see which country is engaging in war with whom.

The prime minister was distributing awards among the first, second and third winners in several categories in the national level competition of making a one-minute video documentary titled "Amar Chokhe Bangabandhu" (Bangabandhu in my eyes) at her official Ganabhaban residence in Dhaka on Sunday.

Sheikh Hasina also reiterated her country's stance that Bangladesh doesn't want war rather want peace.

"We want friendship with all and we are advancing maintaining friendly relations with all," she said.

The prime minister called upon all to remain alert as none can push the country back and make it again the country of beggars.

"None can pull us back. Bangladesh became a nation of the beggars after August 15, 1975 changeover. We always have to be alert. We have to take the country forward," she said.

Earlier, the prime minister distributed certificates, crests and award money among the winners of the competition at the different categories from school to intermediate level students.

Cabinet Secretary Md Mahbub Hossain was present.

Describing the students as the soldiers of transforming Bangladesh into a developed, prosperous and smart country, Sheikh Hasina said," You have to take the country ahead as an educated nation."

The prime minister asked the students to focus on study more to make them worthy citizens and prepare them for the future with the knowledge of technology, and science being imbued with the spirit of the Liberation War taking lessons from history.

"This era is the time of technology, science, and knowledge. Without achieving knowledge, it would not be possible for a person to prepare him or develop the country," she said.

She expressed her hope that the new generation will advance the country towards prosperity with their visionary leadership and wisdom.

"We have to take lessons from the history. We have to find ways for the future to cope with other countries. You have to prepare yourselves this way," she added.

"Make yourselves ready in the spirit of the Liberation War. You have to build Bangladesh as a hunger and poverty free and prosperous country," she told the students.

Mentioning that her government has given a plan for the country's development till 2100, she asked the students to work for keeping continue the development journey of Bangladesh by making necessary amendments to the plan comparing to the global situation.

The prime minister reiterated her firm conviction that Bangladesh will not bow down to anyone and remain dependent on any other country.

"We will move with dignity and we always have to keep that in mind," she said.

She went on saying that the country's Liberation War history was distorted after the assassination of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

But, the true history of the Liberation War has now surfaced before the people as its distorted history has wiped away, she added.

"One day, our little kids and our new generation will take the country forward. But, it requires an ideal. We have to learn from the history. --- Stay alert as the spirit of the Liberation War is not ruined," she said.

The prime minister said her government is working for economic emancipation of the people following the ideal of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to reach benefits of the Liberation War to every house.