The foreign ministry statement came hours after Chinese ambassador to Dhaka Li Jiming said the recently concluded visit of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan has sent a wrong signal to the secessionists for “Taiwan independence”.

“We believe that the government and people of Bangladesh will continue to abide by the one-China principle, understand and support China’s legitimate and justified position on Taiwan question, and work together with China to defend regional peace, stability and prosperity,” Li Jiming said.

The foreign ministry statement reads, “Bangladesh is closely following the developments in the Taiwan Strait and urges all parties concerned to exercise utmost restraint and refrain from any actions that may aggravate tensions and undermine peace and stability in the region and beyond.”

Asked about the statement, state minister for foreign affairs Md Shahriar Alam said this stance is nothing new since Bangladesh always supports ‘Once China’ policy.

Bangladesh doesn’t want fresh tension over this issue, he added.

“The world is already beset with various problems. We don’t want any fresh problem to arise. Bangladesh always supports one China policy and doesn’t want any fresh conflict over this issue,” Shahriar Alam added.

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