Election commission makes no comment on US and UK statements

Election commissioner Md AlamgirFrom election commission website

The Election Commission (EC) will not make any comments regarding the statements of the United States and the United Kingdom regarding Bangladesh's 12th national parliament election.

In the meantime it has been learnt that the EC has given its approval to the gazette regarding the winners of 298 seats in the parliamentary election.

When asked by the media today, Tuesday, about the EC's reaction to the statements of the US and the UK, election commissioner Md Alamgir,  said, "The Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) delivered his statement yesterday. We have nothing to say outside of that."

The election commissioner said that the commission had carried out its duties properly. He would not talk about satisfaction or dissatisfaction, but said that all that was needed to be done, had been done. The election was peaceful and fair.

Md Alamgir said, the election commission had approved the gazette regarding the winners in 298 seats of the 12th national election. The gazette has been sent to be published. The gazette may be sent to the parliament secretary by today.

Incidentally, the US state department in a statement yesterday, Monday, had said that Bangladesh's 12th national parliament election had not been free and fair. The US supported the people of Bangladesh and their aspirations for democracy, freedom for peaceful assembly and freedom of expression.

In a statement issued yesterday, Monday, the UK foreign office said that the standards of democracy had not been followed in Bangladesh's 12th national parliament election.

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