Alongside assuring the election commission of the US cooperation, Peter Haas said he is trying to understand the situation.

He said the election commission is very important in the entire election and the electoral process. Not only the election commission, the government, political parties, NGOs, media and above all the people have important roles in holding a free and fair election, the US ambassador noted.

When asked about whether the US has any advice over an acceptable election, Peter Haas said, "No. It is not the duty of US. It is the job of the election commission."

After meeting the US ambassador, CEC Kazi Habibul Awal said the ambassador has not discussed anything about the election.

They have briefed something about the election, the chief election commissioner said adding the election in Bangladesh is not as smooth as in USA. There will take place some chaos, which is happening all the time. In that perspective, the election commission is ready to hold the election, Kazi Habibul said.

The CEC is hopeful of organising a successful election with the cooperation of all. He said, "We will try to hold a fair election. We will try to allow the observers. We hope our election will be more transparent than the previous time."

"They want such an election in Bangladesh in which the people of this country can choose their leaders," the chief election commissioner quoted Peter Haas as saying.

Kazi Habibul Awal said efforts will be made to install CCTVs at the polling stations. Good elections will be held despite limitation.

While answering queries of newsmen, he said there were no discussions over EVM as well as challenges of elections.

Amid contrary positions among the political parties, the CEC hopes the election will be held in a friendly environment.

He said, "He (US ambassador) wants a free and fair election. He also wants a participatory election. We will sit in dialogues with political parties soon. A way out will be found out about a participatory election if we discuss with them."

Kazi Habibul Awal said there may be a negotiation among the political parties. The political leaderships will understand.

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