When asked about the incident in Panchgarh, the home minister said, “Jamaat and BNP activists tried to stop the Ahmadiyya gathering. At one point, they started setting houses on fire. The programme site was also set on fire. One member of the Ahmadiyya community died. A Shibir leader who had gone there got injured and later died.”

The minister said, “Seven cases have been filed for the attack. So far, 81 accused have been captured. One of them is BNP leader Fazle Rabbi, who has confessed that they had gone to there to stop the programme. He was one of the main instigators.”

The home minister said members of law enforcement agencies handled the situation very patiently. He also said that the situation there right now is normal.

He also said they are investigating if there were any shortcomings from the police’s end. An investigation committee has already been formed.

On Friday, a clash broke out between the police and certain religious elements in Panchagarh who demanded to stop the Ahmadiyya congregation. Two youths lost their lives in the clash and over a hundred police members and media personnel suffered injuries.

The home minister also said that they are investigating the fire in the Balukhali Rohingya refugee camp (Camp-11) in Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar.

Over two thousands houses turned to ashes in that fire, leaving over 12,000 Rohingya refugees without any shelter.