Religion plays a big role in everyone’s life and it is a private matter, Dipu Moni said.

“Bangabandhu has ensured freedom of religion and the practice of religion in our constitution. In the same way, we have to move forward with science and technology,” she added.

Earlier in the seminar, the minister said, “We will not interfere in anyone’s religion. We have to be respectful of religion and move forward with knowledge, science and technology”.

Meanwhile, Hridoy Chandra Mandal, a science teacher at Binodpur Ramkumar High School in Munshiganj, was sent to jail on charges of insulting religion.

Dipu Moni said that a teacher should not be harassed for teaching his subject. The way he/she teaches can be investigated. If there are any allegations against someone, they can be investigated. But the whole incident seemed very sad to me, the minister added.

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