Citing BNP wanting to pull down the government, Sheikh Selim warned them adding “The more you try to drag us down, the more our power will increase. Today we have reached 2022. If you try to pull us down again, this time we will touch 2050.”

Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim said, "He has won the Nobel Peace Prize. All he has done was cause unrest in the country. He did not contribute to the country’s development. He has done damage. He extracted interest. He is a usurer, a bribe taker.”

Meanwhile, addressing the Finance Minister, Sheikh Selim said, "Investigate the source of the USD 6 million that he (Dr. Yunus) has donated to the Clinton Foundation. It's money laundering. "

Criticising BNP, the ruling party member further said, "BNP complains to foreigners against the country, seeks help. Foreigners cannot do anything in Bangladesh. The fate of Bangladesh will be controlled by the people of this country. Foreigners will not control.”

He added, “Elections will be held in Bangladesh in the same way as elections are held in the democratic countries of the world. Bangladesh will never end up being Sri Lanka.”

He later commented that Bangladesh will follow Switzerland and Singapore.

Dhirendra Debnath Shambhu, another Member of Parliament from the ruling party, demanded that those opposed to the construction of the Padma Bridge be brought under the law. At the same time, he demanded that the details of the opponents of the Padma Bridge should be recorded in the museum that will be constructed in Bhanga.

MP Shafiul Islam said, "There is a challenge to keep the investment smooth. Let's move forward by tackling everything. We will deal with the floods in Sylhet together.”

MP Umme Kulsum said, "Even chimpanzees are laughing at the BNP's lies about the Padma Bridge. They are also lying about the flood.”

Among others, ruling party MPs SM Shahzada, Enamul Haque, Habib Hasan, Habibur Rahman and Khandaker Momtahena spoke in the parliament at the time.

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