The UK is also framing a policy to allow professionals from all over the world to work in the UK, creating opportunities for the Bangladeshis too.

On Tuesday, the day before the trade dialogue, the British high commissioner said the UK is committed to working with Bangladesh to create a trade and investment relationship that helps both of economies grow.

"Foreign investment can provide jobs, transfer skills and generate revenue. A conducive business environment and removal of market access barriers can benefit both countries," he said.

The UK and Bangladesh agreed to develop a future trade partnership that will increase mutual prosperity and further Bangladesh's economic development as it graduates from Least Developed Country status.
Both countries agreed to improve the trading relationship through a mutual commitment to private sector led growth, encouraging investment, and addressing barriers to trade faced by their companies when exporting goods and services.

The UK and Bangladesh discussed cooperation in areas such as GSP, LDC Graduation, investment cooperation, access of Bangladeshi professionals to UK service sectors, trade facilitation, ease of doing business, financial sector development, higher education provision, taxation issues and intellectual property protection.

"This dialogue will pave the way for our products, services and professionals to penetrate the UK market and contribute to increased investment in Bangladesh and expand our exports," said the Commerce Secretary.

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