BGMEA writes to RMG buyers to increase price from 1 Dec

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Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers Association (BGMEA) has officially informed American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) about the increase in minimum wage of workers in Bangladesh's garment industry.

BGMEA president Faruque Hassan in a letter to AAFA president Stephen Lamar sought support and cooperation of buyers to implement the new wage.

Faruque Hassan said as the factory owners would implement the new minimum wage, they need responsible purchasing practice.

"To ensure uninterrupted and smoother operation in the industry, it is important that prices of all goods which will be shipped from 1 December 2023 are duly adjusted / up-charged covering the increment in wage component. Furthermore, from now onward, all the business negotiations and deals will have to be made adhering to the new minimum wage policy," the BGMEA president's letter adds.

He also requested Lamar to pursue the AAFA members to collaborate with their Bangladesh suppliers with due empathy and consideration.

The letter said the minimum monthly wage of the 7th grade workers has been increased by 56.25 per cent while the basic wage has gone up by 63.41 per cent.

Earlier on 27 July, Lamar sent a letter to prime minister Sheikh Hasina. He expressed deep shock over the death of labour leader Shahidul Islam and sought punishment of the killers. He also requested the PM to set a fair wage for the garment industry workers.

AAFA also demanded the wage board set by the government should hold open dialogue with the true representatives of labourers, trade union leaders and all stakeholders before setting the minimum wage.

AAFA represented over one thousand popular brands in Bangladesh.