Gold price tops Tk 90,000 a bhori for first time

Photo shows a woman wearing a gold ornament.
Reuters file photo

Bangladesh Jeweller’s Association (BAJUS) has increased the gold price by Tk 1,575 to Tk 2,333 per bhori with effect from Sunday.

With the latest price, 22-carat gold will be sold at record Tk 90,746 per bhori for the first time in the country while 21-carat gold will be sold at Tk 86,605 per bhori and 18-karat gold at Tk 74,241, BAJUS said in a press release on Saturday.

The price of traditional gold has been set at Tk 61,878 per bhori, the release added.

BAJUS leaders said the price of gold has increased due to rise in the price of pure gold in local bullion market.

Until Saturday, the price of 22-carat gold was Tk 88,413 per bhori. The price of 21-carat gold was Tk 84,389 per bhori while 18-carat gold was available at Tk 72,317 and traditional gold at Tk 60,303.

Price of (cadmium) silver has also been increased by Tk 1,715 per bhori.

With the latest price, 21-carat silver will be sold at Tk 1,633 per bhori, 18-carat silver at Tk 1,400 per bhori and traditional silver at Tk 1,050, according to the press release.