Govt to import onions if prices don't drop soon: Minister

Commerce minister Tipu Munshi speaks to reporters in Rangpur on 19 May 2023.Prothom Alo.

Commerce minister Tipu Munshi has said the government would go for imports if the onion prices do not come down within a day or two.

He also noted that the government has fixed the retail prices of sugar, but it has yet to be implemented. The directorate of national consumer rights protection is working in this regard.

The minister was talking to reporters at Shalban in Rangpur on Friday morning, after reaching there on a two-day trip.

Regarding the control of the kitchen market, Tipu Munshi said it is not solely his (the commerce ministry) responsibility to take care of the market.

“We do not control everything in the kitchen markets. There are various ministries to take care of that. The situation, as a whole, is not too bad. The kitchen market fluctuates; sometimes the vegetable price hikes, sometimes it falls,” he added.

However, the minister said there are some issues regarding onion and sugar. The situation will come under control soon.

He alleged that some unscrupulous traders are cashing in on the unusual fluctuation of sugar prices in the global market. Efforts are underway to enforce the fixed prices of sugar and onion.

“The prices of imported commodities have risen, but we are still doing well in consideration of the global situation,” he added.