Tariff of gas for power generation increases

Photo shows the Bhola gas fieldFile photo

The government has increased the price of gas that is used for power generation before raising the power price.

The new price of Tk 14.75 per unit will be implemented from the ongoing February for all the government and private power generation plants. Earlier, the price was Tk 14.

The power, energy and mineral resources ministry announced the new price through an executive order Tuesday.

The announcement said the gas price for the captive power plants for industries will be Tk 30.75 from the existing Tk 30 per unit.

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Earlier, on average the gas price was raised by 82 per cent through an executive order of the government on 18 January last year. That time, the tariff of gas used for power generation was increased by 179 per cent.

At the same time, the gas price for industries was also tripled that was implemented from February that year. The price was raised to Tk 15 from Tk 5.02 for power generation while the price for captive power plants was increased to Tk 30 from Tk 14 per unit.

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The power, energy and mineral resources ministry’s notification issued today said this was a correction of the notification issued on 18 January last year.

However, power generation will be costlier due to the gas price hike by 5 per cent per unit. The government is likely to publish a notification hiking the power price shortly.