‘Made in Bangladesh’ to be showcased in Europe


Best of Bangladesh, the first ever sole ‘Made in Bangladesh’ show in Europe, is going to be held on 4-5 September in Amsterdam, Netherlands, reports UNB.

It will be organized by Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE) and supported by the Bangladesh Embassy in the Netherlands.

The ‘Best of Bangladesh’ aims to serve as a dynamic platform in Europe to showcase the remarkable progress and abundant potential across diverse sectors of Bangladesh economy, especially manufacturing.

About 40 leading companies of Bangladesh from apparel, textile. Agro, handicraft, FMCG,digital industry and publication sectors are participating in the event.

Aman Graphics & Designs Ltd, Ananta Group, Clifton Group, Centro Tex Ltd,Cute Dress Industry Ltd, Delmas Apparels (Pvt.) Ltd, Denim Expert Limited, Experience Group, Garments Manufacture JINLITE Bangladesh Limited, KDS Group, Laila Group, Madany Fashion Wear Ltd, Noize Jeans Ltd, Pacific Jeans Ltd, Paddock's Jeans Limited, PDS Limited, PDS Ventures, Shin Shin Group, Stylish Garments Limited, Team Group are participating in the Best of Bangladesh from apparel sector; Argon Denims Limited, Jamuna Denims Weaving Ltd, Mahmud Denims Ltd, Pioneer Denim Limited and Square Denims Ltd from textile; Agroshift Technologies Ltd., Ispahani Agro Limited and Nourish Feeds Limited from Agro, The Muslin, Beni Boonon, Classical Handmade Products BD Ltd from handicraft, Pran from FMCG,Brain Station 23 Ltd and Merchant Bay Ltd from digital industry; and Nymphea Publications from publications sector are participating in the show.

The two-day event comprises inaugural, exhibition, networking, panel sessions, denim walkway and immersion visits highlighting Bangladesh as an untapped economic frontier and an unrivalled sourcing destination.

As the Bangladesh economy ranks as the world’s 37th largest now and it's rapidly expanding, so ‘Best of Bangladesh’ is being organized to accelerate interests and burgeoning engagements between the entrepreneurs and private sector entities on both European and Bangladeshi sides.

The event has been structured to serve as a platform to showcase the multifaceted progress made and potential across diverse sectors of Bangladesh’s economy.

Mostafiz Uddin, founder and CEO of BAE, said: “We’re extremely proud to bring this event to Europe, invite delegates from across Europe and shine a light on Bangladesh’s status as one of the world’s most rapidly emerging economies and highlight the wealth and breadth of opportunities it offers.

“Our young, prospering nation has made giant strides in such a short period of time.’’

"As a new nation, we have a wealth of rich, untapped potential, one that is to continue to grow with European partners. We want to open our doors and give guests a full immersion into our diverse and innovative industries, rich culture, and heritage, and show them all the very best of Bangladesh,” he added.

Six interactive panel sessions at the Best of Bangladesh will be on the topics ‘Bangladesh – Perspectives From An Emerging Economy’, ‘Sustainable Sourcing Realities: Challenges, Achievements & Next Steps’, ‘Empowering the Future: Advancing Safety & Well-being for Garments Workforce in Bangladesh’, ‘Bangladesh Agro-Food: A Next Opportunity for Collaboration’, ‘Impact Investing - The Next Frontier’, and ‘Sustainable Synergy: Circular Economy, Climate Action & Bangladesh’s Future’.