Food, non-food items become pricier in September


The general point-to-point inflation rate slightly increased to 5.54 percentage point in September from 5.49 percentage point in the previous month due to a rise in both food and nonfood inflation, reports UNB.

Prices of some food items, including onion, ginger, garlic, dried pepper, vegetables, fish, broiler chicken, as well as some non-food items like healthcare services and education materials went up in September, according to the monthly consumer price index placed at the ECNEC meeting on Tuesday.

Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) data show that food inflation increased to 5.30 per cent in September from 5.27 per cent in the previous month, while the non-food inflation rate also enhanced slightly to 5.92 per cent last month from 5.82 per cent in August.

In the rural area, the general inflation rate slightly went up to 5.41 per cent in the month from 5.34 per cent in August.

The general inflation rate also slightly increased to 5.80 per cent in September from 5.75 per cent in August in the urban area.

The point-to-point national wage index witnessed an upward trend with 6.51 per cent in September against 6.43 per cent in August.