Eskayef Pharmaceuticals has achieved a milestone by venturing into the global supply of high-tech biological vial products.

An agreement was signed between Eskayef Pharmaceuticals and a leading multinational biotech company on Thursday in Dhaka, for the export of high-tech biological products, according to a press release.

Under the agreement, Eskayef will export millions of biological vials to different parts of the world. The agreement is a milestone for the pharmaceutical sector here as it signifies the biggest ever annual export contract made by any pharmaceutical company in the country.

Simeen Rahman, group CEO of Transcom Limited and managing director and CEO of Eskayef Pharmaceuticals, said, "Exporting biological vials is not just a milestone for Eskayef, I believe it is a great step taken to serve millions of patients".

She added, "It is a proud moment for the country as this achievement marks the level of advancement of Bangladesh's pharmaceutical industry now that high-tech biological products are being made in Bangladesh for export".

Maj Gen Mohammad Yousuf, director general of the Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA), said, "We are exporting not only the generics but also the high-tech products and this is a milestone in the history of Bangladesh that a biological product, that is a high-tech product, will be exported from Bangladesh."

National professor Dr AK Azad Khan said, "The biological products that will be exported through this collaboration will surely be beneficial for humankind."

Since 2012, Eskayef has been manufacturing biological products from its dedicated facility for the leading biotech company for the Bangladesh market. The facility is equipped with modern technology and machinery capable of producing world class biotech products while maintaining the highest level of GMP standards. To serve the supply requirement, Eskayef will go for further production capacity expansion.

Major global accreditations of Eskayef include US FDA, UK MHRA, EU GMP, Brazil ANVISA, Australia TGA and South Africa SAHPRA and with these approvals by the world's stringent pharmaceutical regulatory authorities, Eskayef is positioning itself to become a global pharma company by setting the highest standards of quality, safety and efficacy of its medicines.