And the biggest change in lifestyle has probably happened among fashionistas. Fashion-conscious people always pay punctilious attention to every minute lifestyle change and trends ruling the world. That’s why they always keep tabs on recent fashion changes to emulate those styles and trends for creating their own style statement. Owing to a stagnation caused by lockdowns and social distancing rules, people are webrooming. This is good for fashion e-commerce as the more people will compare the prices, the more they will discover that e-commerce sites have a lot to offer to the customers.

The boom of fashion e-commerce is a boon for fashion aficionados. Because online marketplaces always come up with exciting deals and offers for the customers. One serious problem with physical shops is that you have to visit a lot of shops, compare the prices and then take a decision. It kills lots of time. But, when it comes to any e-commerce site, a shopaholic can easily compare the prices of the attire he/she is looking for and check out the latest collections of different brands in the same place, making it all the more convenient to make informed decisions and win the game.

Even fashion brands should resort to e-commerce sites to maintain the growth momentum as online marketplaces are the future and the easiest way to promote their brands. Different online marketplaces like Daraz are also lending a hand to the fashion industry to help them get back to their feet through different activities such as fashion shows.


Daraz Fashion Week is a good example where different renowned brands get the opportunity to showcase their products in front of an impressive audience. Even this year, Daraz is gearing up to provide the brands as well as fashionistas to take part in the fashion week. There will be mega deals, brand vouchers, prepayment discounts, and free gifts.

In the global scene, fashion e-commerce is poised to grow in the next few years. E-commerce fashion industry will grow to $1 trillion by 2025 worldwide. Market insiders believe that Bangladesh's e-commerce sector will also witness quite a good share of this growth.

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