World Hand Hygiene Day observed at Apollo Imperial Hospital

As part of the week-long programme being observed on the occasion of World Hand Hygiene Day, a seminar on 'Importance of infection prevention programmes in ensuring quality care at hospitals' was held Monday afternoon at Apollo Imperial Hospital auditorium. It also launched its 'Infection Control Manual'.

Speaking as chief guest on the occasion, principal of Chittagong Medical College, Professor Dr Sahena Akhter said all persons working in hospitals are at the highest risk of infection. And so it is the health workers who must be the most aware about this. She said, this initiative taken by Apollo Imperial Hospital is laudable. Highlighting the slogan of this year's Hand Hygiene Day -- "Accelerate action together, SAVE LIVES - Clean Your Hands" --  she called on everyone to come forward in this regard.

CEO of Apollo Imperial Hospital, Dr Ananth N Rao, said as a world class hospital, Apollo Imperial Hospital is committed to preventing the spread of infection and follows the international protocol accordingly. He said prevention is the best way of preventing infection. Everyone must wash their hands in the proper manner and this can prevent 50 per cent of the infections in hospitals. Everyone must follow the hygiene rules, follow the preventive measures when coming into touch with patients in the hospital and ensuring a clean and hygienic environment at the hospital. Above all, he said, washing hands and keeping clean was a matter of routine and must be developed into a habit through repetition. He requested everyone to mobilise awareness in this regard. This habit to remain clean and hygienic can save us from germs, he said.

The keynote at the seminar was presented by Professor Dr Akram Hossain. He said every hospital must have an infection prevention committee and also regular training for the physicians, nurses and health workers.  Public awareness programmes must also be undertaken to encourage the general people in this connection too.

Due to infections in hospitals, the resistant germs go from one patient to the other, from one hospital to the other, from  one patient's family to the other, from one hospital to various areas. That is why mobilising public awareness was required to prevent this.

At the event, Apollo Imperial Hospital's Infection Control Manual was launched.

CMO Dr Prakash K N delivered the closing speech. The event was moderated by Syed Iftekhar.