BRAC Business School hosts closing ceremony for ‘Uddami Ami’ Women Entrepreneurship Training Program


Uddami Ami, BRAC Business School’s flagship women entrepreneurship training program concluded Cohort 6 on Saturday at BRAC University New Campus, Merul Badda, said a press release.

The Closing Ceremony celebrated completion of the training by 20 vibrant and diverse women entrepreneurs across varying sectors of Bangladesh. Uddami Ami has successfully trained nearly 120 women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh since its inception in September 2021.

The event was graced by Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman, Director, SME & Special Program Department, Bangladesh Bank; Md. Rezaul Karim, Company Secretary, HATIL; David Dowland, Registrar, BRAC University; and Mohammad Mujibul Haque, PhD, Professor and Associate Dean, Acting Dean, BRAC Business School, BRAC University.

Bangladesh Bank Director, Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman, congratulated the participants on their courage to pursue entrepreneurship. Mr. Rahman reminded the participants of the government support available to women entrepreneurs through Tk 350 billion allocation by Bangladesh Bank. He encouraged the participants to expand their business models and products to avail these funds.

Md. Rezaul Karim, Company Secretary, HATIL was delighted to host the women entrepreneurs at HATIL Factory for the Industry Visit session of Uddami Ami. Rezaul earnestly requested BRAC Business School and BRAC University to undertake developing local business cases so that students and entrepreneurs can learn the local context of dynamics of business in Bangladesh.

David Dowland continued the praise on the courageous entrepreneurs and thanked BRAC Business School, BRAC Bank PLC, Bangladesh Bank and Hatil Furnitures on their collaborative effort to make the training program a success.

Mohammad Mujibul Haque, Professor and Associate Dean (Acting Dean), BRAC Business School, BRAC University emphasized that BRAC Business School is actively engaged in upskilling entrepreneurs and professionals in Bangladesh.

This includes developing local business cases through the 1st International Case Conference on Business and Management (ICCBM 2023), and conducting research and training programs that offer collaborative opportunities for all stakeholders at the Uddami Ami Closing Ceremony.