Golam Murshed: Youngest MD of biggest company

Photo: Khaled Sarker

Walton started its journey in 2008 and has become the largest listed company of the country within only 14 years. Like its surprising growth, the success story of its chief executive is also astonishing. The managing director of Walton Hi-Tech Industries, Golam Murshed, has not yet turned 35, but he has already become the youngest MD of the country’s largest company.

On 13 days without a job 

Walton is basically the embodiment of the dreams of SM Nazrul Islam and his five sons. Golam Murshed, who joined the company 12 years back, is now taking care of the dream company.

Murshed completed his graduation in mechanical engineering from the Islamic University of Technology (IUT) in 2010. He took part in the convocation on 3 December and joined Walton on 20 December. He was jobless only for 13 days, the Walton boss said in a conversation at his office.

In the company, he started his professional career as an assistant engineer of the air-conditioner wing’s research and development department. But he couldn’t focus on a fixed job sitting in a desk, and that prompted him to switch to the manufacturing plant. Here, the factories run round the clock and hard-working Murshed started enjoying work here.

He moved to the refrigerator section three years later. In the meantime, he proved his professional skills, leadership quality, and appetite for a diversified job. Within a short space of time, he was made the chief of the business strategy department.

Golam Murshed believes it was the turning point of his professional career as he climbed the next stairs swiftly and reached his current position. He became the additional managing director in 2019 and was promoted to the top position of managing director on 10 August, 2020. With this, he made a history being the youngest MD of the country’s largest company.

Asked how he feels with the opportunity of discharging duties at such a high position, he said, “I am enjoying it actually. I also think about the liabilities. It seems that there are lots of things to do. Again, I have to think about how effective my work is. Some 40,000 families are involved with the company and I have many responsibilities towards them. On the whole, I have to think whether I am utilising every moment or not.”

Golam Murshed also talked about his daily routine. He is an early riser since student life and is maintaining the practice till the date. The first thing he does after waking up in the early morning is look through his cell phone. Apart from checking messages, he has to keep himself posted about the factory activities as it runs round the clock. He checks if any issue has arisen in the factory in the night after he had fell asleep.

Then he gets ready and reaches office by 10:30am. He said, “The office is my favorite place. I feel a kind of serenity here. I also feel good at the factory. In fact, I like to work. I think you have to utilise your position if you want to do anything.”

He plays badminton after office and plays football once in a week.

Long way to go

One of his dreams is to establish Walton as a top global brand. To be specific, he intends to be among the top five companies across the world. Another dream is to buy renowned brands and integrate those with Walton. Besides, he has a plan for co-branding with the global giants.

The Walton MD said, “I want to take Walton to the world stage and expand business in each of the big (developed) countries. Basically, my goal and dream is to play role in the international market, after grabbing the local market.”

His only advice for young people is – keep working, have dedication and patience.

“It is not be possible to move forward if one thinks one is in a pretty good position. This is not a good thinking at all. If one does so, it is not possible to move forward. He or she will then just remain stuck in the same position,” he said.

* Shawkat Hossain is head of online, Prothom Alo

* This piece appeared in the print and online edition of Prothom Alo and has been rewritten in English by Misbahul Haque