Many may be feeling suffocated, having to stay at home day after day. But you have no choice. You have to remain at home to protect yourself for coronavirus. If you must go out for any important task, make sure you protect your hands, face, wearing gloves and a mask. Once you return, wash your clothes and have a thorough bath. Remember, one person’s carelessness can harm the entire family.

Read, listen to music, watch movies. Talk to you loved ones in the country or abroad. You can enjoy virtual ‘adda’ as well!

Remember, unlike in the case of other sicknesses, you cannot tend to a coronavirus patient even if you want to. You must adjust your mindset.

There is no point in panicking. Caution is most important.

I will remain at home and pray for everyone. I extend my heartfelt wishes to everyone around the world. Coronavirus has taught us all some valuable lessons. We must wash our hands regularly, we must remain clean, we must be humane, we must do away with hatred and anger. We must all strive to build a world of love.

* Shabnur is a Bangladeshi film actress.