Actor Parambrata ties the knot today, find out who's the bride

Parambrata Chatterjee and Piya Chakraborty

Rumours of them getting married were going around in the Tollywood industry for quite a few days. It was also heard that they have already gotten married secretly.

But the surprise came today, Monday, morning that famed actor Parambrata Chatterjee is about to get married today. The bride is Parambrata’s girlfriend, mental health worker Piya Chakraborty.

At the news of Parambrata getting married, netigens have been posting lines from the song, ‘Tumi Onno Karor Shonge Bedho Ghor…’ on the social media. They have also found the reason behind using lines from this popular song.

Actually, Piya Chakraborty is the ex-wife of west Bengal musician Anupam Roy. Within two years of her divorce, she is getting married to Parambrata Chatterjee.  

Parambrata Chatterjee

Parambrata Chtterjee is one of the busiest actors of Kolkata. Alongside Bangla, he has been working in Hindi as well. And apart from being an actor he’s a director and producer also.

Everyone has always been very curious about Parambrata’s personal life. He has been in various relationships at various times right from the beginning if his career. He never kept it under that much wraps though.

Reportedly, he had been in a live-in relationship with Dutch physician Ike for a long time. It has been confirmed by various Indian media including Anandabazar and Hindustan Times.

At one point Parambrata and Ike were about to get married also. But, they eventually broke up during the Coronavirus period. After the breakup, Parambrata had also talked about it openly. After that Piya came into his life.

Piya Chakraborty and Anupam Roy

In fact, Pranmbrata’s name repeatedly came up as the reason behind Anupam and Piya’s divorce. Parambrata however, didn’t want to label his relationship with Piya anything apart from friendship. Rather he kept it secret right from the start.

Anupam and Piya got divorced in 2021. After their divorce, they both had jointly announced it on the social media. Afterwards, when there was a rumour of Parambrata being in a relationship with Piya, he denied.

He had repeatedly said that they were just very good friends. Plus, he had also expressed his annoyance with such news being published in the local media.

But, all of that is in the past now while the rumour has turned into the reality. Finally, Piya has been able to remove Parambrata’s ‘most eligible bachelor’ title.

Parambrata Chatterjee and Piya Chakraborty

It has been learnt that Parambrata used to regularly visit Piya’s house. Meanwhile, Piya had also visited Parambrata in London during his shooting. Recently, Parambrata had been spotted with Piya and her mother in a restaurant also.

They have even wished each other on social media, Facebook on various festive occasions and shared their photos. Finally, they revealed 27 November is indeed the auspicious date.

Parambrata and Piya would get married not in a grand but in a close ceremony this evening. Not many people from the industry are invited, but those who are more of friends than co-workers to Parambrata and Piya, would certainly be there, according to reports. But, how close or grand is the ceremony cannot be confirmed till it has been finished.

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