Shakib Khan gets Indian visa, mission ‘Dorod’ begins

Shakib Khan

According to director Anonno Mamun, Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan was scheduled to fly for Mumbai on 15 October to shoot for the film, ‘Dorod’. Before the film’s shooting begins in India’s Varanasi, photo shoots, script reading sessions and the looks for the film were supposed to be set in Mumbai.

But the unit of 14 people including Shakib Khan couldn’t reach there on the scheduled date for the visa didn’t arrive in time. All the unit members counting Shakib Khan in received Indian visa on Sunday night. One of the producers for the film Kamal Mohammad Kibria and the director Anonno Mamun have confirmed the news to Prothom Alo.

Director Anonno and Shakib Khan

Anonno Mamun, who has already been staying in Mumbai for the last two weeks, told Prothom Alo on Monday morning, “The preparation for the shooting started even earlier. Everyone from Bangladesh including Shakib Khan received their visa last night. Though the visa arrived late, it didn’t disrupt any of our schedules. A team is working in Varanasi. Meanwhile, we did a script reading session with the heroine Sonal in Mumbai on Sunday.”

“In fact, the project is going on without any break. The work of making songs for the film is also underway. Once Shakib Khan has arrived, his look will be set and there will be script reading sessions and photo shoot with the heroine. Then on 26 October, we’ll fly for Varanasi. After completing the shoot in different locations of Varanasi and Allahabad at a stretch starting from 27 October, we’ll return home,” he added.

Shakib Khan

In between the chitchat Anonno Mamun said, “We had been discussing the story of ‘Dorod’ with Shakib Khan for more than three months. We wanted to make the first ever Pan-Indian movie of the county in the proper way. May be that’s why the schedule got shifted a bit.”

“But Shakib Khan has always supported and trusted me intently. He told me to just focus on my work.  I too want to repay his trust with my work. I can surely say that ‘Dorod’ is such a film that has never been thought of before in Bangladesh.”

While talking to Prothom Alo on Sunday night, producer Kamal Mohammad Kibria said, “It’s absolutely clear that we want to make a quality film. All the preparations have also been taken accordingly. We are flying there tomorrow (Monday) along with Shakib Khan. You’ll get to know rest of the details in the right time.”

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Shakib Khan too expressed his thoughts on the film. He said, “It’s an excellent story. I have never worked on a story like this before. I can say this much, with ‘Dorod’ something wonderful is about to begin for Bangladeshi films.”

Indian production houses Eskay Movies, One World Movies along with Bangladeshi production companies Action Cut Entertainment and Kibria Films are coproducing the film ‘Dorod’. The film’s going to be released in six languages including Bangla, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam. The director and producer said that they plan to release the film in 32 countries on 2 February next year.