Actress Pori Moni and presenter Sara Fairuz Zaima.
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The marital relationship between actors Pori Moni and Sariful Razz has started turning upside down since the beginning of this year with their disagreement coming to the limelight recently following the release of several images and videos of actresses Tanjin Tisha, Nazifa Tushi and Sunerah Binte Kamal from the Facebook account of Sariful Razz.

Sariful Razz revealed this after appearing at the “Meril Café Live” programme at the Prothom Alo office on Sunday night where he also clarified himself.

Following the appearance of Sariful Razz, actress Shamsunnahar Smrity, known as Pori Moni, also appeared at the “Meril Café Live” on Monday night where she also clarified herself refuting allegations brought against her.

Pori Moni said she has been trying to protect her marital relationship with Sariful Razz despite facing a number of troubles. “My grandfather used to stay with me all the time. When I realised Razz was uncomfortable with him, I sent my grandfather to village,” said an emotional Pori Moni.

Actress Pori Moni at Meril Café Live
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She burst into tears several times during the live programme and became overcome with emotion.

Pori Moni said she wants relief from the anxiety of family life and this blame game.

She clearly said, “From today, I am not the wife of Razz. I don’t want to continue this relationship anymore.” She told Razz to divorce her as soon as possible. She wants to sit face to face and a good ending of their relationship. She doesn’t want to talk about this on live progamme anymore.

On 29 May night, several images and videos involving the Razz-Pori Moni couple and three more actresses were posted on the Facebook account of Sariful Razz, which lasted for 18 minutes only. It is yet unclear who posted these video and images.

To those three actresses, Pori Moni said, “Don’t threaten me of a case; file a case instead. It would take only five minutes to know who leaked the video. So, why it has not been revealed yet.” She said these three actresses not only have a friendship with Razz, it is more than that. She also has evidence on it.

Pori Moni said the brother of Razz might leak this video because he has access to Razz’s phone. According to Pori Moni, the brother of Razz also posted on social media degrading her.

Earlier, Sariful Razz joined the Meril Café Live’s Jaha Bolibo Sattay Bolibo programme on 4 June night. To Pori Moni, Razz said, “Babe, I love you. Whatever happens, be happy. We will keep our son safe.”

Actress Pori Moni at Meril Café Live
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He also said, “I respect the mother of my son.” He also talked about the leak of video and blamed Pori Moni for various reasons.

Pori Moni joined the Meril Café Live on Monday night to give reply to remarks of Sariful Razz where she told him that “It does not work if you tell the media that you respect the mother of your son, you must act accordingly.”

Sariful Razz said he had a conversation over mobile phone with Pori Moni and wanted to see their son before the video was leaked on the night of 29 May. But, he did not talk about their conversation.

Regarding this, Pori Moni said it was she who made the phone call, not Razz. Explaining the reasons of the call, she said many people informed her that Razz was seen at various places during midnight.

Many even asked her whether they got separated. So, she called him and at that time, Razz wanted to see their son. Then Pori Moni asked where he is now, so that she can take their son there. After that, the call was cut off and the mobile phone of Razz was found switched off and that followed the leak of video.

Pori Moni further said, “I am a different type of girl. A snake does not spare anyone when its tail is hit. Likewise, I will not keep silent if someone creates trouble.”

“The Razz’s friends of 10 years should have been close to me, but I didn’t even know they were his friends,” she added.

Pori Moni loses control over emotion several times during the live programme that was broadcast for more than an hour.
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Replying to a query whether their relationship would become normal if they give time to each other, Pori Moni said this not possible anymore. She gave five months and since it did not work, so she thinks their relationship apparently ends here.

The Dhallywood actress lost control over emotion several times during the live programme that was broadcast for more than an hour. She, however, apologised to the audience. At one stage, an emotional Pori Moni told Sariful Razz, “I want divorce in 24 hours. I no longer want to live with you. I cannot take it anymore.”