I am a brand new Pori Moni …

Pori MoniKabir Hossain

Dhallywood star Pori Moni organises grand celebrations on her birthday every year. No other actress of the industry is seen celebrating their birthdays in such a vigorous way, reserving five star hotels.

Every year, Pori Moni stuns the guests appearing in unique new outfits. Fans and followers get hyped up centering her birthday from quite some time beforehand. But, this time it’s different. The actress has no plans for her birthday today, Tuesday.

When asked for the reason behind this, Pori Moni told Prothom Alo on Monday afternoon, “My birthday has always been a special occasion, a day of celebration for me. I cut the birthday cake with my Nana (maternal grandfather) every year. My parents, guardian, everything is Nana. But, Nana is admitted in the hospital this time. He has had a minor surgery and been in the hospital for the last 11 days.”

“My birthday is tomorrow (today) and Nana wouldn’t recover enough to join the birthday celebration in time. So, I don’t want a grand celebration on this birthday. I might just cut cakes privately at home and at the shooting location. I want to share this joy with everyone after Nana has returned from the hospital,” she added.

Pori Moni with her son Rajyo
Khaled Sarker

Resuming shooting and Rajyo

Her son Rajyo is now one year and one month old. Pori has resumed her shooting schedule already. But, she felt quite a lot of mental pressure before her return. Pori Moni said, “I was quite worried about Rajyo before I resumed shooting. Because, I thought he might cry for me during shoots.”  

“But, I noticed that Rajyo doesn’t throw any tantrums. Rather he has found more playmates at the shootings, than he had at home. He plays with everyone. Rajyo enjoys playing with football the most. The director buys him a ball every day. Ha.. ha.. ha.. (laughter). He plays with the ball even more delightedly,” she added.

While talking about Rajyo, she also said, “I noticed that Rajyo seems to listen to everything I say. I just look at him and feel that he’s all grown up on the inside. It feels like he understands his mother. I cream his legs every night before going to bed. He might have noticed that."

"Just the other day, he suddenly started patting my legs in the same way. He continued for almost 20 minutes. Ha.. ha.. ha.. (laughter). Today (Monday) at the shooting, I showed Rajyo rain for the first time ever. He touched rain for the first time today and started playing with it,' she added.

Rajyo means the world to Pori Moni. Her emotion about Rajyo has no end. She said, “I have nothing to worry about anymore because, I have my son, my world by my side. Whenever he touches me or showers me with kisses on my eyes and cheeks, there seems to be no language to put that feeling into words.”

Pori Moni
Courtesy of the actress

New life, new decision

Pori Moni took quite a long break after giving birth to Rajyo. She has resumed shooting from 8 October with the film ‘Dodor Golpo’, being made on government grants.

Besides, she has been taking up newer projects one after another. She has signed two more films titled, ‘Rongila Kitab’ and ‘Khela Hobe’ already. Meanwhile, talks of signing two more projects are almost final. She’s however choosing films considering the story and character after coming back from the break.

Pori Moni said, “I have no problem saying earlier I accepted any films that were offered to me. I never gave any thought to the character or the story. Among ten projects, I might have focused on my character only in one. A lot of the times, I signed projects just for being unable to turn down the request. There’s no way, that’s going to happen anymore. I am now choosing films after getting a good understanding of the story and the character. So that one project is different from another."

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Pori Moni isn’t leaving any stones unturned in her preparation for a ‘new start’. In this regard she said, “I weigh 58 kilograms now. This seems appropriate for my character in ‘Dodor Golpo’. I’ll lose six more kgs in future. And, I am preparing myself in a better way. For, I have no more drawbacks. My son, Nana and work, these three are my life now.”

Commenting that life now seems more pleasant and comfortable to her, Pori Moni said, “There’s no chaos in my life now. I have Rajyo and Nana with me. What more do I need. From going to bed, waking up in the morning, there was nothing certain in my life before. I used to spend a lot of time on social media at night and it disrupted my sleep cycle. Now I just spend five minutes on social media every night.”

“And I feel sleepy as soon as I go to bed. I get sound sleep. If the shooting call is at 7:00am, I wake up at 5:00. After getting everything ready for my son, I get out of the home on right time. Sometimes I just think to myself, I am a brand new Pori Moni,” she added.  

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