‘I survive in the industry on my own merit’

Usually, horror stories don’t attract him. Yet, Yash Rohan agreed to do Abid Mallick’s ‘Hatbodol’, an episode of the ‘Procholito’ series right away after reading the script. It has been released last week on the video streaming platform, Chorki. Meanwhile, he was seen in another drama featuring a love triangle, ‘She Boshe Ache’ after ‘Network Er Baire’. He shared details about his professional and personal life with Prothom Alo on Monday.
Yash Rohan
Sabina Yesmin

Q :

You are often introduced as a ‘romantic hero’.

Before everything else, I am an actor. I never wanted to be a romantic hero. But, I worked in a number of love stories. From the audience's perspective, a fondness has developed. They appreciate my performances in romantic roles, leading directors to cast me more frequently in scripts of a romantic nature. 

Q :

From romantic to horror story ‘Hatbodol’, how much did it fulfill your expectations?

Personally, I am not a fan of horror stories. You can say that I don’t have a liking for this genre. Not many projects of this sort are made in our industry. But, it seemed fun to work in a horror story.

I had a wonderful experience, working on the ‘Procholito’ story. What made it even more enjoyable was having a dog as my co-actor! I love dogs. The work has been loved and appreciated by the audience. They said they were just happy to see me in a different role.

Yash Rohan in 'Hatbodol'
Courtesy of Chorki

Q :

Khairul Bashar and you came back together again in ‘She Boshe Ache’…

We garnered a huge response after working in ‘Network Er Baire’. We worked together again after a long break. The two of us worked under Mizanur Rahman Ariyan’s direction.

Bashar is a god friend of mine and we sync well. In this drama, we both fall in love with the same girl. But the story has been presented in a different way. The audience has been talking about our project and I find that pleasing.

Yash Rohan

Q :

Most of your Facebook posts are about Football. The Cricket World Cup ended just now. But, you didn’t post anything about cricket though.

I don’t have any interest in cricket. Rather, I’m a football fan. I don’t miss any of my favourite matches. And, I use the Facebook account as my personal space. I don’t share updates of my work there that much. I share my work-related news on my page.

Q :

Do you believe your career could have been at a better position after the huge success of ‘Poran’?

I never had any thought of this sort. I believe my career has advanced exactly the way I deserved. Neither did I expect less, nor more than this. I am making my own path.

Yash Rohan with Bidya Sinha Mim in the film 'Poran;.

Q :

You have Naresh Bhuiyan and Shilpi Sharkar Apu as your parents. Did anyone ever say that you received extra benefits as the son of an actor couple?   

Both of my parents are actors. You have to face criticism if you come from this type of families. And there are reasons for this sort of criticism. I did face some criticism but that doesn’t matter.

The industry is a difficult place to survive for anyone if the audience doesn’t like them. Only good work and hard labour help someone to survive here.

In that case, no matter who’s your parent or what’s your family background there’s no point. I still am working in the industry and gaining favoures. I survive in the industry on my own merit and not on my parent’s credit. 

Yash Rohan

Q :

How do you respond if your coworkers say anything about this?

If anyone said anything about this, let them say it. It doesn't matter to me. I did have to move ahead past challenges. No one ever could just come, see and conquer the industry.

Because, an artiste does gain maturity trough acting. No one ever rocked the world right in their debuts. People gather experience through their work. One has to take challenges in any of their endeavour, and to me that is learning.

Q :

Your mother has been calling you ‘Dilip Kumar' since childhood. Who else call you by that name?

It was only my mother who used to call me by the name Dilip Kumar since I was a boy. No one else ever compared me to Dilip Kumar.

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