Won’t be able to live in Bangladesh if I mention their names: Tahsan

Singer and actor Tahsan Khan

“I can’t mention the names for which I got involved with Evaly. I will not be able to live in Bangladesh if I say their names.” Popular singer and actor Tahsan Khan said this while talking to Prothom Alo about a case filed against him by a customer of e-commerce platform Evaly.

Prothom Alo talked to Tahsan Khan, who is currently in Dallas, USA, at around 5:00am on Friday.

Actors Tahsan Rahman Khan, Rafiat Rashid Mithila and Sabnam Faria could be arrested at any time in a fraudulence case filed against them by a customer of e-commerce platform, Evaly. Deputy commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s Ramna division, Sazzadur Rahman told this to newspersons at his office on Friday.

Evaly customer Saad Sam Rahman filed the case with Dhanmondi police station in the capital on 4 December. The matter was disclosed on Thursday.

At a stage of interview, Tahsan told Prothom Alo, “I heard that Evaly has 4 million (40 lakh) customers. I took part in just two Facebook lives for a company that already has had 4 million customers. Even before my involvement with it, different government institutions were involved with the company, even influential people of the country were involved with the company.

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“I did not even take part in any advertisement for the company. I could work in advertisement for any company because the company is a legal one. I’m repeating that I was clearly told, why would you be not involved with us? We have been sponsoring two certain organisations, we are involved with the national cricket team.

“I’m not an expert that this certain company will become bankrupt. They even told me three more names, I can’t tell those to you. Maybe then I will not even be able to live in Bangladesh.”

Tahsan with AR Rahman

In response to a question, “What could be the reason,” Tahsan said, “I can’t say that. Because, they are so powerful that it not possible to reveal their names. I can’t even say the names of their advertising firms. The advertising firms are also too influential companies. When I found out that this certain company is their advertising firm, these certain people are involved with them, it is only normal for me to have trust in that firm. It is not possible to reveal the names that I were told to persuade me to get involved with them (Evaly). Because, they are too powerful people.”

When Prothom Alo said, today or tomorrow, those names will be revealed if you are produced before the court, Tahsan said, “Why will I invite greater danger by revealing their names? I will not be able to live in Bangladesh if I say their names.”

Apparently it seemed Tahsan was panicked. When asked if he was panicking, Tahsan said, “This is normal in any country. Those who are within the inner circle of power, they are more powerful. I’m an outsider of that ring. I’m nothing but a cultural activist. I can’t say more. As a case has been filed, I will have to continue the legal fight.”

Tahsan Khan also said he was embarrassed with the news of the case filed against him. He said, “Such a news report is so embarrassing for me. My power lies just in the love of fans. I don’t have any power except the love of fans. I hope the fans would not misunderstand. Maybe someday I will write everything in a book. I’ll write as much as I can.”