Gultekin Khan has stepped into the poet’s shoes. Her first collection of poetry Ajo Keu Hate Obiram (Someone still keeps walking) was unveiled on Bangla Academy on Friday evening.
In an interview with Porthom Alo's Tanvir Sohel, Gultekin Khan shared her thoughts on writing.

Your poetry book will be unveiled today. How do you feel about it?
Gultekin Khan: I don’t want the poet label. I do not dare to call myself one. I write because it gives me pleasure. All those works I have done in the past years have been complied in this book.

When did it start?
Gultekin Khan: I write since my school days. One of my rhymes got published in a national daily in 1973. A couple of rhymes were published in national dailies including Banglar Bani, Purba Desh, Ittefaq between 1973 and 1975. My grandfather Ibrahim Kha inspired me to pen them.

Why did it take so long to publish a book?
Gultekin Khan: I kind of took a hiatus after I got married with Humayun Ahmed. I took the pen again after 2000 but I lost the copy where I wrote down all my poems. My daughters rediscovered the copy and inspired me to write again. I posted my poem on Facebook as well. Tamrolilpi has published my book. I dedicate the book to my grandfather. He was my inspiration. I remember he gave me five taka when I got published for the first time.

Tell us something about the rhyming pattern in your poems .

Gultekin Khan: I love to rhyme. I feel there should be a rhythm in everything. I focused on the rhythm of the poems. It came straight out of my heart.

You are a literature major. Who are your favourites? Do you follow anyone’s writing style?
Gultekin Khan: I enjoy reading T. S. Eliot, W. H. Auden and W. B. Yeats. Shamsur Rahman, Jibanananda Das, Syed Shamsul Haq, Alok Das and Al Mahmud are my favourites among Bangladeshi writers. I do not follow anyone but you would probably see their influence in my poems. My friend once said they I have Jibanananda’s influence in my poems.

How do you think readers will rate your book?
Gultekin Khan: Everyone wants appreciation. So do I. However, the book is out and that is enough for me. I would welcome both, positive and negative comments.

How do your children react?
Gultekin Khan: They are very excited. They asked if I have got the signing money or not since they grew up seeing their father taking it. However, I did not write for money.