Web film ‘Punorjonmo’ executive producer’s body found hanging

Masudul Mahmud RuhanCollage

Masudul Mahmud Ruhan, executive producer of Vicky Zahed’s hugely popular web films ‘Punorjonmo’, ‘The Silence’, ‘Ararat’ is no more. His hanging body was recovered from a house in Mohammadpur area of the capital. Director Vicky Zahed confirmed the news of Ruhan’s death to Prothom Alo.

His friends and colleagues said that Ruhan committed suicide. He was hanging from the ceiling fan in his room around half past one at night. Vicky told Prothom Alo around 12:30 this afternoon, “His roommate opened the door of his room at around 12:00am and saw Ruhan hanging from the ceiling fan.”

The director also said that Ruhan’s parents have left Rangpur for Dhaka after hearing the news of their son’s death. When they have arrived in Dhaka, the autopsy will be done on the body.

Reportedly, Ruhan got divorced with his wife recently. People close to Ruhan said that he was been suffering from depression since then. Even if you look at his social media accounts, you can realise that Ruhan was drowning in depression, they said.

Lastly, on 4 May he wrote in a post, “Just as you are not in the world I know, I am not in yours either! So why did you say that day, you will spend this life with me? Don’t get me wrong. I am not blaming. I’m just saying!”

In the comment section of this post from Ruhan, his colleagues and friends are sending condolences for his untimely death. The news of Ruhan’s untimely death has left friends and colleagues bereft. His social media is filled with condolences.

Sharing a video with Ruhan, actor Shamol Mawla wrote, “You’ll never see this smile again...see you on the other side...Ruhan.”

Ruhan was the executive producer of popular web films and drama series like ‘Punorjonmo’, ‘Redram’, ‘Chompa House’, ‘Shuklopokkho’, ‘The Silence’ and ‘Araraat’. He was the executive producer for most of Vicky Zahed’s production. Also, Ruhan was the line producer of the series ‘Rumi’ starring Chanchal Chowdhury which released on this Eid-ul-Fitr. This series was also directed by Vicky Zahed.

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