Actress Humaira Himu dies mysteriously

Humaira Himu

The news of actress Humaira Himu’s death spread suddenly on Thursday evening.

Another actress Urmila Srabonti Kar and Ovinoy Shilpi Shongo president Ahsan Habib Nasim confirmed the news to Prothom Alo.

Urmila also confirmed that Humaira Himu’s body is kept at Uttara’s Bangladesh Medical Hospital. Her death has created a mystery.

Some are saying she committed suicide while, some others are saying it’s a murder. But this issue couldn’t be clarified at the time of this report being written.

Humaira Himu

Humaira Himu has been acting for more than two decades.  However, she hasn’t been very regular in acting over the last couple of years. She had taken that to heart. On different occasions, she commented before the media that directors and producers didn’t give her many breaks in projects for she didn’t have a lot of 'views' to her name in social media.

Humaira Himu was born in Lakshmipur district on 23 November 1985. She spent her childhood in Lakshmipur and started working on stage theatre since she was a student of class two. Himu herself had said in an interview of a private TV channel that she used to work with local cultural organisations named, HiFi Koutuk Shilpogoshthi and Friends Natyogoshthi.

Humaira Himu

Himu moved to Dhaka after her SSC exams in 1999. At first she joined Nagorik Natyangan and she worked with several other theater groups afterwards.

After that, she had done a photo-shoot and sent her portfolio to different advertisement agencies for modeling. She then worked in a commercial, aimed at raising awareness about AIDS. Later, she worked in several other television commercials.

Seeing her work in a commercial for a tea company, director Taher Shipon first cast her in a television drama named ‘PI’. She had late actor Dilip Chakrabarti as her co-star in the drama.

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Humaira Himu stepped into the showbiz back in 2005. She changed her name from Humaira Nusrat Himu to Humaira Himu at the advice of actor Tony Dias.

Himu had told Desh TV in an interview, “I worked with Tony Dias for the first time in a telefilm. He then told me that I should choose a name with two words only.”

“Before that I used to introduce myself as just ‘Himu’. Tony Dias at that time told me that all the famous persons in the world have names with two words. I became Humaira Himu from then,” she added.

When Himu was still a school student, a senior girl of her school had worked in a commercial for a shampoo brand. When that girl returned from Dhaka after completing the shooting, everyone came to see her.

That incident inspired Himu to dream of working in television. Himu in her childhood wanted to be an airhostess but became an actress instead.

After her debut in television drama, she became famous among the audience with her performance featuring the local dialect of Noakhali.

She worked in dramas like, ‘Shonaghat’, ‘Chairman Bari’, ‘Batighar’, ‘Shone Na Se Shone Na’, ‘Comedy-420’, ‘Chapabaaz’, ‘Action Detective’, ‘Chayabibi’, ‘Ek Cup Cha’, ‘E Kemon Protidan’, ‘Hulo Biral’, ‘Chonnochara 420’, ‘Ambulance Doctor’ and ‘Crazy Lover’.

Himu debuted on the silver screen with the film ‘Amar Bondhu Rashed’ back in 2011. She portrayed the character Toru Apa in the film.