'Making my way with hard work, integrity and humility'

Mousumi Mou has been busy as a presenter. She's been busy with television drama and mime too. She recently travelled to South Korea for a mime performance. In an interview last Sunday, she talked at length about all this and more

Mousumi Mou
Kabir Hossain

Q :

Picture of you an a presenter, an MC at various events, often pop up in Facebook. Are your enjoying this?

Being a presenter is both my passion and my profession. I enjoy doing my job. That’s why it never feels like work. Time flies while I’m anchoring.

There are less stage shows now. I had been very busy with presenting the IPL events for the last two months. There was the IPL final yesterday (Sunday). This year, I presented two programmes that aired on T-Sports and GTV.

Six of my regular shows are being aired on digital platforms and the television. I’ll start working on one of my most favorite programmes in the first week of June, but I’m not allowed to reveal the name right now.

Then I’ll be working on the Women’s Super League and do four pre and post-match programmes, live from the field. I love being busy.

Mousumi Mou
Prothom Alo

Q :

Did you ever imagine you would be so busy as an MC?

No, I didn’t. But when I started anchoring, I used to dream of doing well one day. My father always say, simple living and high thinking. I follow that motto in life.

There’s no harm in dreaming though. I can work hard and I’m 100 per cent honest about my work. I’m making my way with hard work, integrity and humility.

Mousumi Mou in South Korea.

Q :

You travelled to South Korea for a mime performance recently, right?

It was an extraordinary experience. This was my second visit to the country. I went to the ‘Asia Solo Performance Festival’ there last time. I had been invited from Korea back then.

I went to the Bangla New Year 1430 celebrations this time on invitation of the Bangladesh embassy. Alongside mime, I even danced this time. That was something big for me.

Mousumi Mou with her parents and younger brother.

Q :

Why is that something big? 

When we were young, my brother and I used to take dance lessons from Manna Sir at Sadarpur (Faridpur).

Sir would come to our house every Tuesday night to give us dance lessons, after he’s finished taking classes at the Shilpakala. He would leave the next day as he used to travel to Sadarpur from Gopalganj.

After clearing the upazila and district rounds of the National Child Award we used to come to Dhaka in the divisional round. My father, brother and I would sleep in the corridors of the Shishu Academy.

My father would sleep with his head on the bag we used to carry with us. And the two of us would share one single pillow, which we had to carry with us from home, because we didn’t have any relative in Dhaka back then.

Many believe I became a presenter overnight. It wasn't not like that, not at all. I didn’t reach here overnight. I always excelled and came first in extempore speech competitions.

Coming back to the point, I danced after 13 long years and that too on an international stage. That was an amazing feeling. In the meantime, I danced at Bondhushava National Council as well.

In Korea, I danced wearing my idol Sadia Islam Mou’s costume and that was a whole different level of happiness. Plus there were the 'ghungur' (ankle bells) from my childhood.

Mousumi Mou with Afzal Hossain in a scene of 'Agnifoshol'.

Q :

Apart from anchoring, you act in television dramas as well.

Actually, I just wanted to be an actress. I was a student of batch 29 at Prachyanat School of Acting. And, I became involved in mime even before I went to Prachyanat. But, luck didn’t favour me.

I do want to become regular in dramas, but time management is an issue. Since anchoring is my profession and I have to focus on that, I can’t find enough time for acting.

Then again, even if I can manage time, I don’t always like the script. If I find better working opportunities, I’ll manage time for acting alongside anchoring.

Mousumi Mou
Prothom Alo

Q :

Don’t you wish to work in films?

Of course I do. I started a film of government grant last January, but it was shelved. I lost schedules for many other projects because of this film.

I’m supposed to start shooting for another film in July-August. I have been to the rehearsals also. If everything goes well, it will be my first film.

Q :

You are in the showbiz now. Did you dream it would be like this?

When I was young, my dreams used to change all the time. Sometimes I wanted to be a physician, sometimes a pilot, sometimes a judge, sometimes a teacher or sometimes a movie heroine.

I used to watch the Bollywood film ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’, watching the the parts with Karina Kapoor only. That dream didn’t last either.

I then wanted to be a physician. You could call this a 'dream' somewhat imposed by my parents. Now that I’m working in the showbiz, I have awakened that latent dream, cherished for so long.