British council in partnership with the Hunger Project has organised a programme virtually titled “Challenge Grant Certificate Presentation and SAP Showcasing Programme” on 18 August, said a press release from the British Council.

The programme was organised to celebrate and recognise the community work on climate action by 32 active citizens alumni from Bangladesh under the 'Youth Engagement COP26: Challenge Fund for Young People' Project.

Monomita Nag Chowdhury, programme lead of The Climate Connection of British Council, Shazia Khawar, director of Inclusive Communities of South Asia, and Badiul Alam Majumdar, Global vice president and country director of The Hunger Project attended the programme and shared their remarks.

“Climate action is a global priority and individual responsibility. We must build up a future cadre of climate experts with the knowledge and skills to support mitigation and adaptation strategies for the long-term, utilising this group as a voice for advocacy, public awareness-raising and local action in their communities,” said Shahnaz Karim, director of Inclusive Communities and Arts of British Council Bangladesh.

In November 2021, the UK will host the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) for 30,000 delegates. Millions more will connect globally through public engagement campaigns and exhibitions.

The Climate Connection is a global programme and campaign designed to support COP26 ambitions by drawing on the British Council's global network to provide a platform for climate cooperation, dialogue, and action through arts, education and English.

The Climate Connection programme aims to reach 233 million people across the 110 British Council countries. The British Council is working with partners worldwide to support the success and legacy of COP26, creating opportunities for cooperation, dialogue and action in arts, education and science that address the shared challenges of climate change.

The 'Youth Engagement COP26: Challenge Fund for Young People' is an innovative and creative programme of activity and engagement which brings together young active citizens from around the world to share learning, engage in advocacy and build networks.