Climate Change

Climate Change

Xi's carbon neutrality vow to reshape China's five-year plan

Chinese leaders will discuss ambitious new measures to tackle climate change on Monday at a government plenum to finalise a new five-year national development plan, after Chinese president Xi Jinping ...

Chinese President Xi Jinping. Reuters file photo

‘Uninhabitable hell’: Climate change, disease threaten millions, UN warns

A jump in climate-related disasters this century, along with the global coronavirus pandemic, show political and business leaders are failing to stop the planet turning into “an uninhabitable hell” ...

Environmental activist and campaigner Mya-Rose Craig, 18, holds a cardboard sign reading "youth strike for climate" as she sits on the ice floe in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, hundreds of miles above the Arctic Circle, 20 September 2020

The Arctic: Key things to know

The Arctic, with its extreme climate and immense oil and gas resources, is also threatened by global warming.

Map comparing the extent of summer Arctic sea ice this year with the average between the years 1980 to 2010.

Mexican scientist who revealed threat to ozone layer dies

Mexican scientist Mario Molina, who became his country's first winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his work on the threat to the ozone layer from chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), died on Wednesday ...

Jose Mario Molina, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, attends the annual meeting of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) in Cancun, 20 March 2010.

Pandemic downturn offers path to address climate change: IMF

The global downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic offers an opportunity for governments to implement new policies that could simultaneously address climate change and boost the economy, the IMF ...

IMF logo

'Dramatic' global rise in laws defending rights of nature

Rights of nature laws, allowing residents to sue over harm on behalf of lakes and reefs, have seen "a dramatic increase" in the last dozen years, said the Earth Law Center, International Rivers and ...

Trees are shrouded in smoke as forest fires are burning vast swaths of the Chaco region, near Cadete Pando, Paraguay, 1 October 2020.

Key to butterfly climate survival may be colour coded

A butterfly's ability to absorb or reflect heat from the sun with its wings could be a matter of life and death in a warming world, according to British research published Thursday calling for ...

A handout picture released on 23 September 2020 by Andrew Bladon of University of Cambridge shows a Red Admiral or Vanessa Atalanta butterfly on 3 August 2011.

PM Hasina for robust int’l collaboration to fight climate change

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday sought robust international collaboration as she placed a five-point proposal to protect the planet from the adverse impact of climate change.

PM Hasina seeks ‘robust int’l collaboration’ to fight climate change

Study on coral degradation

St. Martin's may be depleted of coral by 2045

The country's only coral island, Saint Martin’s, may be depleted of coral by 2045, reveals a study

St. Martin's Island

Climate activists urge Japan to stop financing coal in Matarbari

Climate activists across the globe urged Japan’s new prime minister Yoshihide Suga’s administration to stop building coal power projects in Bangladesh saying it would worsen the country’s climate ...

Climate activists urge Japan to stop financing coal in Matarbari
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