ANM Muniruzzaman (Retd)
File Photo

Major General ANM Muniruzzaman (Retd) has been elected Chairman of the Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change (GMACCC)  for a three year term in its general meeting held recently.

General Muniruzzaman is a founding member of GMACCC and has worked on climate security issues for many years. He has represented GMACCC in major climate negotiations and conferences around the world. He has also briefed the UN Security Council in New York on the issue, specifically on the security implications of Sea Level Rise (SLR). He is widely published on the subject of climate security and was named by the US Weather Channel as one of 25 global strategic voices on Climate Change. 

GMACCC is an international expert body that works on the full spectrum of climate security issues. It comprises senior military leaders from around the world and has several noted security experts, climate change specialists, and academics as council members.

With its headquarters in Brussels, GMACCC advises governments, international organisations and other relevant stakeholders on policy-related issues on the security dimensions of climate change. It was the first organisation to issue an international Call to Action on climate security at COP 15 in Copenhagen.

Climate security is now a top concern of all nations as a major threat to national and international stability and security.