Tahsan Khan unveils two new MICLO outlets in Dhaka

With the swift opening of two new outlets, MICLO Bangladesh is continuing its expansion. The retail fashion label caught everyone by surprise when it unveiled eight outlets in Dhaka and Narsingdi just last November.

Popular singer and actor Tahsan Khan inaugurated two grand outlets in Dhaka's Mirpur and Uttara on Thursday, 8 March.

Sharing his excitement about this collaboration, Tahsan Khan remarked, "From now on, you will see me regularly with this ready-made clothing brand Myclo Bangladesh. Hopefully the continuity of good things and new things and new surprises will continue."

MICLO is a retail clothing brand inspired by the essence of Japanese lifestyle, simplicity, and tech-savviness. Since its inception, this brand has remained steadfast in its mission to offer high-quality everyday wear that is both preferred and affordable.

After the inauguration of both branches, Babu Arif, Director of Creative Design, Innovation, and Marketing at MICLO, stated, "The aim of this enterprise is to provide international-quality daily wear and sales services, establishing itself as a rapidly growing brand in Bangladesh. With this goal in mind, our e-commerce platform has officially commenced its journey to deliver preferred daily wear to consumers nationwide. From now on, customers can seamlessly shop through our 24/7 e-commerce platform."

He continued, "MICLO Bangladesh draws inspiration from Japanese clothing, lifestyle, and values, prioritizing Japanese standards in our products. Similarly, we are dedicated to ensuring maximum environmental protection at every stage of garment manufacturing and delivery to customers. I firmly believe that soon MICLO Bangladesh will not only become a favorite clothing brand but also a daily fashion companion, considering price, quality, and demand."

AHM. Ariful Kabir, director of Merchandising, Sales, Human Resources, and store operations at MICLO, outlined the brand's ambition, stating, "We have plans to establish MICLO as a formidable international brand, extending beyond Bangladesh."

Tadahiro Yamaguchi, MICLO's Global Business Director, considers MICLO Bangladesh's journey as the rejuvenation of the clothing industry. He said, "MICLO is not just a brand but a commitment to creativity and social responsibility."

MICLO Bangladesh is working towards providing quality clothing at affordable prices, catering to the preferences of its customers. The brand commits to expanding services to all its customers by swiftly opening new branches.

On the occasion of the opening, there are attractive gifts and special discounts on all products for customers in these two branches. Also on the occasion of the launch of the e-commerce platform there are free home delivery and discounts on special products and attractive gifts.

With the addition of these two branches, the number of branches of MICLO Bangladesh is now 11. MICLO Bangladesh is committed to deliver products and services to the doorsteps of customers. With this vision, MICLO Bangladesh will soon open more branches across the country.