All the benefits of olive

Olive and olive oilFile photo

As soon as the season of winter began, olives arrived in the markets. Olives are usually consumed by adding them in lentil or by pickling them. But, olives eaten raw provide way more nutritional benefits.

Nutritional qualities

Every 100 grams of olive provides 70 kilocalorie of food energy, 9.7 per cent carbohydrate, 59 milligrams of calcium and 13 milligrams of Vitamin-C.

Now let’s check out some of the benefits, olive can provide:

Digestion: Regular consumption of olive reduces gastric and ulcer. It helps metabolism work properly. Olive peel is highly rich in fiber, which helps with digestion.   

Reduces risk of heart disease: Antioxidants contained in olive reduce the blood cholesterol levels. When the level of free radical and cholesterol in a person’s blood increase, it in turn amplifies the risk of heart attack. That means olive oil reduces the risk of heart attack.

To prevent cancer: Black olive is a major source of Vitamin-E which destroys free radicals. As a result the body weight remains under control. Since this vitamin prevents abnormal formation of cells, it reduces the risk of cancer.

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