Nine ways to live healthy


There is a desire in each one of us to do better, especially when it comes to taking care of our bodies and, thereby our health. So, if you've decided to change your habits and start living a healthier life, more power to you!

We, as always, are happy to help. Whether it is setting more realistic and achievable goals or making small dietary changes, we're giving you nine tips to help you stick to your healthy eating goals.

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Don't skip breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, so skipping it is an absolute no-no. Your body needs to fuel up and prepare for the day ahead, so instead of skipping breakfast, it must be one of the most nutritious meals you consume in the day. Besides, eating a good breakfast keeps you away from the urge to nibble on unhealthy snacks for the rest of the day.


Cut down on sugar

Everything is good in moderation, and the same goes for sugar. If you consume too much sugar in your tea, coffee, or any other drink in the day, start cutting down little by little. You can also cut back on artificially sweetened drinks and other such beverages.


Keep a journal

Always, always track your progress! No matter what healthy eating goal you've set for yourself, keep track of it by maintaining a diary or journal. Note down what you eat and drink throughout the day, so that you can keep checking in and seeing how far you've come or where you've fallen behind.

Journal writing

Drink more water

Remember to stay hydrated at all times. Drinking enough water can not only boost your metabolism and flush out those toxins, but also keep you feeling full. You can also eat fruits or vegetables that have high water content.

Drnking water

Befriend people with similar goals

Having someone by your side to cheer you on and keep you motivated is very important. Find someone who shares the same healthy eating goals as you and keep each other updated. You can always push each other on and have somebody to talk to on the days when you slip up.


Eat more home-cooked meals

Eating restaurant cooked meals sometimes is okay. But, if you want to eat better and stay healthy, focus on eating home-cooked meals. They do not contain artificial flavours or colours, and every ingredient that goes into a home-cooked meal is washed well, so you always know that you're eating something that is both safer and healthier than a meal that comes from the outside.

Preparing meal at home

Eat more vegetables

Make sure that your plate contains a sufficient amount of veggies. Rich in fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients, vegetables form an integral part of a healthy diet. Besides, most veggies are low in fat and calories, so they'll help you stay on track and eat healthy.

eating vegetables

Focus on mindful eating

Practice mindful eating. This could mean pausing before each bite to stay in tune with how hungry you are or taking the time to chew and swallow every bite. This way, you will be able to savour your food and fully understand how much your body needs.

Mindful eating

Exercise regularly

Needless to say, exercising is essential to healthy living. Merely focusing on what you eat is not enough. What's also important is to balance it out with a good workout regime. Whether it is a 30-minute walk around the neighbourhood or a quick cardio session at home, get in some form of exercise each day in order to be active and healthy.


Keep these nine tips in mind as you embark on this journey to a newer, healthier you. Don't worry about the roadblocks. Just take things one step at a time and things will slowly fall into place. Good luck!

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