Going through a break-up? Here are 5 tips to help mend your broken heart

To heal from a breakup may seem hard at first, but it's necessary for a healthy life.

Breakups can be quite hard-hitting and leave you with a broken spirit. The grief that accompanies a breakup also tends one to lean towards unhealthy habits.

To heal from a breakup may seem hard at first, but it's necessary for a healthy life. So here we are with 5 tips to help you mend your broken heart.

Take a break from social media

Social media can bombard you with memories of the past. You may also have the urge to keep checking on your ex's status time and again. Don't fall into the trap as it will leave you with lingering pain.

You'll also feel like clinging to the past rather than stepping into the future. So, it is best to unfollow or block your ex's profile for a while to give yourself some space during this time.

Avoid bottling up emotions

One of the most common problems during a breakup is feeling like you don't matter anymore. You tend to begin hiding your feelings and pretending that everything is normal when you're feeling deeply disturbed inside. It's not healthy.

Talking about your feelings is essential to ease your heart and make you realise that there are people who care for you even during this time. It's okay if you cry while talking. It's an emotional release your heart needs to commence its healing process.

Accept, rather than expect

A breakup often leaves one with lots of questions and an urge for another conversation or meeting with your ex for closure. However, this urge is just a wishful expectation which often doesn't go right in real life.

If your partner couldn't properly articulate what made them drift apart from you, no point wasting time on them. Let go, and gradually learn to accept the situation for good.

Find a friend, in the pen

The pen is mightier than a sword. It has the ability to etch out your feelings in front of you and give you a clear picture of what's going on inside.

As you begin putting your emotions out on paper, you will feel like you're having a conversation with yourself. Gradually, your heart would begin to feel less and less burdened, as your pain flows out into ink.

Explore yourself more

As you enter a new chapter in life, switch up the usual routine you followed with your ex. Go to a new restaurant you never went to before, or take a trip to a destination you always wanted to go to.

Or go on a shopping binge and buy yourself things you always wanted. The sky is your limit, just start building your courage to breach it. Remember, breakups are just a part of life, not the end.