Try these tips to avoid motion sickness when you travel next

Motion SicknessCollected

Motion sickness, commonly known as sea sickness or car sickness, is a frequent inner ear disturbance caused by constant movement. Motion sickness can affect everybody, however people's susceptibility varies.

While it may be hard to avoid all instances of motion sickness, the tips below can help you avoid or minimise the severity of motion sickness.

What causes motion sickness? When travelling, some people get motion sickness, which occurs when the neurological system is confused by frequent motions, such as going up or down.

When compared to what the ear understands, the eye sends distinct signals to the brain. This uncertainty might make you feel ill and cause you to vomit. Try these things mentioned below next time you travel.


Watch what you eat or drink before travelling

Keep a watch on your food, drink, and alcohol consumption both before and during your vacation. Excessive drinking should be avoided, as should meals or beverages that 'do not agree with you' or make you feel particularly full.


Try acupressure technique

When faced with an emergency, acupressure can be quite beneficial. Identify a raised or rough area right below your wrist and press your middle and index fingers against it for up to 30 seconds.

This cure works like a charm and may help you get rid of any illness. This point is known as the "sixth point on the Pericardium route" in traditional medicine because it reduces nausea.


Carry your favourite aroma for rescue

Travelling with your favourite aroma or essential oils is usually a good idea. They not only smell good, but they also stimulate your senses and keep you diverted from the action.

As a result, smelling on them is a simple treatment in times of distress. Consider smells such as peppermint, lavender, cardamom, and even fennel.


Opt for healthy drinks

Caffeine overdose can occasionally cause anxiety and stomach problems. Herbal drinks and mixes might help to calm an upset stomach. Another alternative is to drink something fresh, such as apple juice.

If you have motion nausea frequently, you can drink this before your next trip. It can help you avoid vomiting up.


Choose least motion seat

If you are travelling via aeroplane chose a seat wisely, where you can move when required. The calmest section of an aeroplane is over the wing at the centre.

You may also experiment with changing your travel habits. Sitting in the front or centre seat while keeping your eyesight straight, obtaining fresh air in between lengthy journeys, or just stretching every now and then can all help to lessen the odds of being car sick.

If you are prone to motion sickness, try to limit your screen time and save the reading list for the hotel room.