Tackles your mood swings

Mood swings have always been the most common issue that women face during these nine months. It's due to a variety of factors such as rapid hormonal changes or the physical discomforts of pregnancy. These mood swings make you short-tempered and irritable. Saffron works wonders as it produces serotonin, which modulates your mood by amplifying the blood flow in your body. This helps you cope up with your emotional ups and downs, and lets you remain in high spirits.

Let’s you sleep well

All the physical discomforts that you feel during this journey have adverse effects on your sleep. You probably waste a lot of time tossing and turning around all night, while all you had to was drink a warm glass of saffron milk. It soothes anxiety and uplifts your overall mood, therefore, helping you sleep well.

Relieves cramps

Cramps occur more frequently because of the hormonal changes that a mother-to-be goes through during pregnancy. They can be mild and bearable or at times, severe and intolerable. These can easily be prevented. The exotic spice, saffron, acts as a painkiller to relieve the pain and soothes all the muscles in your body.

Reduces high blood pressure

Pregnancy affects blood pressure levels as the blood circulation usually increases during this time. When taken in small amounts, saffron significantly reduces your blood pressure. High blood pressure leads to hypertension, which is common during these months. Saffron rescues you from it.

Boost heart function

All those junk food cravings during pregnancy surely increase your calorie intake, which, in turn, increases your cholesterol levels and affects cardiovascular health. Saffron helps in reducing cholesterol levels. Thus, protect your and your baby's heart health. The substances in saffron prevent the clogging of arteries and increase the oxygen levels in your body.

Prevents allergies

Allergies and infections are bound to happen when you are pregnant. Saffron potentially helps you in fighting all the seasonal allergies, difficulty in breathing, chest congestion, and more. This magic spice is sure to free you from all the unwanted diseases in your body.

Saffron is packed with amazing benefits, especially for pregnant women. Consuming a small quantity of it is safe and very beneficial for your overall health. It has no side effects as long as it has been taken in the right quantities. It's advisable to consult with your doctor.

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