Sehri diet for diabetes patients

Diabetic persons are at risk of low blood sugar or hypoglycemia if they stay without food for a long time. So, having sehri is must for diabetic patients if they are fasting.

A diabetic person can easily overcome this challenge if they have sehri properly with the right choice of food. Let’s check out some tips that will help you fast even on a long day.

· Many believe eating till you are full at sehri will prevent you from feeling hungry throughout the day. So, some people are seen to eat more at sehri. Many keep drinking water till the last minute. This would rather create discomfort.

· Diabetes patients should not eat 'atap' rice at sehri. It’s better to eat brown rice because the glycemic index of parboiled coarse rice and brown rice is a lot lower. Since this have more fibre content, it is digested slowly. So, they will provide energy slowly throughout the day. You can also eat brown wheat 'roti' instead of rice.

· Aside from indigestion and gas formation, overeating can cause dehydration also.

· In addition to vegetables, you must eat some greens like spinach also. The cellulose of the greens will make you feel full throughout the day. Plus, it helps to get rid of constipation.

· You must finish eating 10 to 15 minutes before sehri time ends. Many have the habit of eating in the middle of the night and then go to sleep. Diabetic people must never do that.

· Don’t eat rich food like biryani, polau or khichuri at sehri. These increase the thirst for water.

· Eat fish instead of meat as the source of protein or include thick lentils.

· Many fast without eating anything to lose weight. This is a health risk.

·  If you want you can eat some fruit with the peel.

· Drink two to two and a half litres of water from the evening till sehri. Taking tea or coffee at sehri will increase dehydration.

Don’t overeat at sehri. If you eat more than you need, it will create problems. The body will take only the necessary amount of food and store the rest as fat. As a result, you’ll gain more weight.

Md Iqbal Hossain, senior nutrition officer, Chattogram Diabetic General Hospital, Khulshi, Chattogram