US embassy spokesperson’s love for ‘fuchka’

Once more ‘fuchka’, is in the limelight. Jeff Ridenour, recently appointed spokesperson for US Embassy in Bangladesh, is delighted with this item Bangladeshi street food. His official tweet about this savoury snack has created quite a stir.

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“Very Scrumptious! East or West, Bangladeshi Fuchka is the best”, Jeff Ridenour, the recently appointed spokesperson for US Embassy in Bangladesh commented enthusiastically, after he first tasted fuchka.

Jeff Ridenour enjoying a plate of fuchka.

He is new to Bangladesh and had heard a lot about Bangladeshi fuchka. His interest in this local street food grew more as fuchka made it to the CNN Travel list of 50 best street food of Asia.

A plate of Fuchka
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A video posted on the official Facebook and Twitter accounts of the US Embassy features him talking about his enthusiasm about fuchka in fluent Bangla. Later he was seen happily devouring a complete plateful of fuchka.

Putting a fuchka in his mouth, he instantly praised this mouthwatering Bangladeshi snack in Bangla. His tweet has been the talk of the town since then.