Eye complications during pregnancy

Purabi Rani Debnath | Update:

.Expecting mothers may face eye problems sometimes. In most cases it can be a minor problem rather than a serious one. For pregnant women, a complication developed earlier may turn severe during this time.

Dry eyes: Dry eyes are common during pregnancy. This is not serious, but the eyes may feel uneasy, stinging and burning. Artificial tear drops can be used. Contact lens is not a good choice during pregnancy. 

Conjunctivitis: Conjunctivitis is another condition. As an expecting mother’s immune system is weak, virus attacks are frequent. The problem disappears after a few days. Eye drops can be used according to the ophthalmologist advice. Keep your hands and fingers clean. Avoid using things used by others.
High blood pressure: High blood pressure during pregnancy can lead to preeclampsia. Symptoms of preeclampsia include blurred vision, seeing long lines and spot in the eye, headache, and sudden loss of vision etc.
If the blood pressure is measured high along with those symptoms the patient should be transferred to the hospital without delay.
Diabetes: Some women may have diabetes prior to conceiving while some can have the problem after being pregnant. In both of the cases, retinopathy can occur.
The diabetes-induced retinopathy may worsen during pregnancy.
The diabetic women must have a check-up of their retina before conceiving. Controlling the blood sugar is crucial too.
Expert suggestion is required in any emergency.
*Physician Purabi Rani Debnath, department ophthalmology, Bangladesh Institute of Research and Rehabilitation for Diabetes (BIRDEM)

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