And what may be found there other than chotpoti, fuchka, hot dogs and satay as mentioned? Ah, those were not even the tip of the iceberg! Prepared by Brazilian chef Kaique and his trusted team, the list of items is endless. Chef Kaique will take you around the world – America, Mexico, Italy, Japan, China, Thailand, India and beyond. There is Middle Eastern shwarma, Spanish seafood in a creamy sauce, Thai beef balls and chicken balls, Indian luchi, Japanese maki rolls, Korean fried chicken, Mexican nachos… the list goes on and on.

And if you have a sweet tooth, there is an array of desserts awaiting you – apple tarts, carrot cake, coconut pie, Kunafa, patishapta pitha, cream rolls and much, much more.

And all this is added to the regular items on The Flair’s famed buffet, nothing short of a gourmand’s delight.

Doreen Hotel has joined hands with Coca-Cola as beverage partner, Finlay Tea as the hot beverage partner and ZM as the raffle draw partner. There will be raffle draw and 10 lucky guests will get gift hampers by ZM.

This buffet costs BDT 5999 per person with the added ‘buy one get two’ perk with selected cards. Reservations: 01966662152.

Doreen Hotel is conveniently located at the Gulshan 2 circle in Dhaka.