Introducing Etiquette Encyclopedia: A comprehensive guide to good manners


HM Atif Wafik, an expert in the field of communication, is pleased to announce the release of his latest book, Etiquette Encyclopedia.

This comprehensive guide offers readers a contemporary perspective on the art of proper behavior in today's fast-paced world, said a press release.

In a society where interpersonal relationships are becoming increasingly important, "Etiquette Encyclopedia" serves as an invaluable resource for individuals striving to navigate social situations with grace and confidence. Whether you are a college going growing kid, attending a business meeting, dining at a formal event, or interacting online, this book provides practical advice and actionable tips to help readers master the subtleties of modern manners.

"Etiquette Encyclopedia" is meticulously researched, offering readers the latest insights and guidance on contemporary etiquette norms. With its accessible language and engaging examples, the book is suitable for readers of all backgrounds, whether they are seeking to polish their social skills or enhance their professional image.

HM Atif Wafik is a sought-after communication expert, known for his engaging speaking engagements and insightful advice. He is currently working as an Asst. Professor at University of Scholars. His expertise and passion for promoting kindness, respect, and effective communication shine through in "Etiquette Encyclopedia."

During the book launch at Reading café, Banani, along with Bobby Hajjaj (an Oxford Scholar), Solaiman Shukhon (a Bangladeshi communication specialist), Shahriar Nafees (Former National Cricketer), Hasan Mahmud (Founder, School of Engineers), Benjir Abrar (Founder, Excellence Bangladesh), Afruza Tanzi (Ambassador, One Young World), Sharmin Kabir (Founder, Wreetu), Ishrat Naher Erina (Founer, Prescription Bangladesh), Fahin Arafin (Creative Head, Swapno), Salehin Mahbub (University faculty), Farhana Sharmin (Digital Strategist, Remark HB), and many more well-wisher beloved students.