All citizens are brought under health insurance schemes in developed countries but there is a misconception about insurance in our country. That is why, though the number of insurance companies have increased over the past several years, the number of clients did not rise in that proportion. Experts believe university students are the part of the most conscious groups in the society. If they are brought under health insurance scheme, it will have a positive impact on family and society. Many students do not avail medical services as they cannot afford it. If a health scheme is launched, they don’t have to worry about this and they receive the medical benefits by paying a little premium.

Article 15(a) of the constitution talks about ensuring the basic necessities of life, including food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care, but majority of of the people are still deprived of these fundamental rights. We welcome this initiative of the Dhaka University authorities. At the same time, we also want to warn them, many good initiatives go in vain in our country, due to the negligence of the people concerned and the lack of a proper management. The university authorities will have to remain alert so that no such thing happens to the students’ health insurance scheme. They must keep an eye on Jamuna Life Insurance Company, which is responsible for maintaining the insurance, so that it ensure proper and professional service. Initiative will have to be taken to increase its capacity, if necessary. It must be ensured that students can submit their documents and claims.

Besides, the university authorities can come to an agreement with several hospitals where students can receive treatment showing their insurance documents. It is also the responsibility of the university authorities to ensure students do not face any hassle or delay.

We expect if the initiatives of Dhaka University become succeed, other universities will also step forward. If the students of all government and private universities are brought under the health insurance scheme, health service for the people concerned will expand and people’s misconception to insurance will also diminish.

If health insurance sector is not expanded, the universal health coverage under the sustainable development goals (SDGs) will remain unattained.

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