Every year problems crop up over hajj travel. There are either flight delays or fraud hajj agencies stealing people’s money and depriving them of the pilgrimage. This time things have been more or less unhindered. The people involved in the hajj management deserve thanks. We hope for a safe return journey of the pilgrims too.

Eid means joy. And qurbani is sacrifice. Allah (SWT) had directed Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) to sacrifice that which was dearest to him. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) accordingly brought forward his dear son Ismail (AS) for sacrifice. By doing so, he displayed his dedication to Allah (SWT). But at Allah’s orders, a ram was slaughtered in place of Ismail (AS). And accordingly since then, qurbani became farz for Muslims. Every capable Muslim, whether performing hajj or not, makes this sacrifice, slaughtering a sacrificial animal.

Eid-ul-Azha brings us the message of peace, harmony and joy. By means of qurbani, Muslims carry out their sacrifice and extend assistance to those less fortunate. It is not just a matter of display, the spirit of sacrifice must prevail. This year Eid-ul-Azha will be observed tomorrow, Sunday. The sacrificial animals, according to Islamic rites, may be slaughtered in the day of Eid and the next two days.

This qurbani is also a boost for Bangladesh’s economy. Cattle are reared the year round for this occasion, so they can be sold at a good profit.

As we are about to celebrate Eid, the flood-affected people in the country are in a sad plight. It is our duty to extend assistance to them.

Eid-ul-Azha has come at a time as the number of Civd-19 cases is once again on a rise. There is simply no alternative but to strictly maintain health and hygiene rules at the cattle markets, the Eid jamaat or prayer gatherings, and at social events. We must be alert so that one person’s carelessness does not spread the disease further. We shall share the joy of Eid, but not place anyone at risk.

After the slaughtering of animals, the waste must be cleaned up immediately. The animal hide cannot be left lying for long. It is hoped that everyone comes forward to ensure healthy and hygienic surroundings.

We extend our greetings on Eid-ul-Azha to all our readers, writers, subscribers, hawkers, advertisers and well-wishers. Eid Mubarak.

May the joy of Eid and the spirit of sacrifice prevail in every home.