Benapole Express train fire: Why delay in investigation, handing over bodies?

The families of the deceased, who died in the Benapole Express fire, are yet to receive the bodies. On 5 January, the train from Benapole caught fire just moments before reaching Kamalapur, resulting in the deaths of four individuals. Post-mortem examinations could not identify the bodies as they were completely burnt. In light of this, it was decided to hand over the bodies to their relatives after conducting DNA tests.

The question arises: Why was the DNA test not conducted even after four days? Once authorities realised that post-mortem examinations would not yield conclusive results, they should have promptly arranged for the DNA tests. While the relatives acknowledge they will never reunite with their loved ones, they at least have the right to claim the bodies.

Whenever there is a train accident or fire, the government and the opposition parties engage in a blame game, seemingly trying to evade responsibility. These incidents result in the loss of lives, devastation of properties, and profound grief for the affected families. Strikingly, those in positions of power and political actors seem to remain unscathed by the repercussions. This raises the question: Why is politics characterised by such brutality and cruelty?

A few weeks before the Gopibag train fire, another tragic incident occurred where four individuals, including a mother and her child, were killed in a fire on the Mohanganj Express in Tejgaon. The question arises: Was it due to negligence or an intentional act on the part of the authorities?

In the aftermath of the Gopibag incident, the detective branch promptly arrested some BNP leaders, revealing alleged plans behind the train arson the very next day. Similarly, opposition party activists were detained in connection with the incident of uprooting rail tracks. However, the silence surrounding those involved in the Tejgaon incident raises numerous questions. Is there someone behind this incident whose identity the government is hesitant to disclose?

The opposition party has called for a credible investigation into both incidents. In such cases, the government should conduct the investigation through a neutral authority that is acceptable to all parties involved. If there is a political motive behind the investigation, the truth may be suppressed.

Past incidents of vandalism during elections, along with attempts to target the opposition through fabricated cases, are both condemnable. Committing the heinous crime of burning innocent people for political gain is unacceptable.

In the months leading up to the election, even after the train fire incident, why didn't the authorities become more vigilant? Why didn't they implement additional security measures on the trains? Alarmingly, there are no CCTV cameras on the two trains that were burned or at the respective railway stations. How can arson-terrorists be identified without proper surveillance?

The victims of the Gopibag train fire can never be brought back. Their relatives are desperate to reclaim their bodies. Any delay in this matter amounts to disrespect for the victims of the fire-terror and their families. DNA tests should be conducted promptly, and the deceased should be returned to their relatives. The memories of the victims will remain a cherished treasure for their loved ones for the rest of their lives.