Jamilur Reza Choudhury’s achievements were not only limited as an academic and teacher. He transcended the so-called achievements of a good student focusing on personal success, family status and career. He was involved in various activities for the sake of the country and nation. He did not only teach at universities, but also was involved in setting up new universities too. He left BUET before his term was over there and contributed to found BRAC University. He was the vice chancellor of BRAC university. He served as the vice chancellor of University of Asia Pacific till his death. He was also involved in the primary initiatives of setting up private universities in the country.

As a structural engineering expert, he was involved in the construction of several large infrastructures in the country. These include Bangabandhu bridge over river Jamuna, Padma bridge, Dhaka elevated expressway, Karnaphuli tunnel and so on. Whenever debates aroused over such mega projects, which often aroused, he never receded to talk over these and always advised the government prioritising the national interest. He was a free-spirited person never intimidated by the possible enmity of any government quarter to express his own views and suggestions regarding crucial government matters. He was a generous person who had dreams about his country. This allowed him to participate in statesmanship. He was an adviser in the caretaker government led by justice Muhammad Habibur Rahman in 1996.

He contributed to the development of information technology in the country. He also contributed to various social and civil society initiatives. He had been the president of Bangladesh Mathematics Olympiad. He was involved with various social and cultural organisations.

He worked incessantly till his death. This is the supreme success of a human life. Let our young generation bear his legacy and contribute to the nation through such an active life.