In the current 11th and the previous 10th parliaments, there has been an opposition party present for the entire term, but their role is imprecise and questionable. A party that was elected as one of the alliances of the ruling party cannot act as opposition in parliament.

Unfortunately, our political parties relentlessly try to settle all the issues on the streets. But neither the ruling party nor the opposition seems to acknowledge the amount of sufferings they inflict on people by such turmoil. The opposition claims that there is no other way to express their demands other than holding processions. But it is not clear why the ruling party has to occupy the streets, especially when they have absolute control over all the government organisations including the Jatiya Sanagsad.

The ruling party has posed its lack of trust in the administration by taking the responsibility of maintaining peace into their own hands

Leaders and ministers of the ruling party often object that the opposition parties block roads and hold rallies, causing people’s sufferings. Yet they called for a counter programme on the same day the opposition party announced for a rally.

They make excuse of guarding the streets or maintain peace in this regard. The ruling party has posed its lack of trust in the administration by taking the responsibility of maintaining peace into their own hands. What is the need for law and enforcement agencies if the ruling party leaders and activists have to work to maintain the peace in the country?

If the ruling party needs to hold a rally to reach out to the people, it can hold it some other day. They are not only setting a very bad precedent by arranging gatherings at a spot very close to the one for scheduled programme of the opposition party, they are also causing more sufferings to people. There have been clashes in many places. Such counter programmes are not only held in Dhaka, but in other parts of the country.

It transpires that the party despite being in power for 14 years has lost the ability to read the mind of the people. Why else it would make such a suicidal decision to hold such counter programmes.

There were times the opposition used to carry out destructive activities like hartal and blockades, which would put people in unspeakable sufferings. It was understandable for the ruling party to hold rallies in such situation. But organising programme on the same day of the opposition’s peaceful rally is nothing but picking a fight intentionally. How will the ruling party avoid its responsibility in case of a major conflict?

We hope the ruling party will come to its senses and refrain from holding counter-programmes.