There is no denying that we live in an odd society. No importance is given to ethics and values. People only believe might is right. On the one hand, the incidents of violence against women have increased, on the other hand, the victims are being blamed for the offence committed against them.

We are alarmed by the recent research report by the Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) and D-Net, 'Easy Spread of Pornography on the Internet in Bangladesh and Violence Against Women'. The study was conducted from October last year to February this year by collecting data from 518 persons (53 per cent males) in 16 districts of 8 divisions.

According to the survey, 64 per cent of respondents believe that 'bad' girls are more dangerous than 'bad' boys. Seventy-nine per cent said that the behaviour of bad girls was unsavoury and good boys are spoiled by girls. Fifty-two per cent of respondents think it is not appropriate for girls to work in the media, in movies, in night shifts with men, or travel or work with men.

As many as 82 per cent of people believe that violence against women has increased in the society due to pornography. 80 per cent believe it is the responsibility of men to encourage girls to be good and to prevent them from evil things and keep them safe.

If violence against women has increased in the society due to pornography, then they cannot be responsible for it. The creators and viewers of this pornography are also mainly men. On the other hand, why should men take the charge of women? In a country where the prime minister is a woman, the leader of the opposition in the national parliament and the speaker are women, can't women look after their own security? Are they unable to understand their own good and bad?

In fact, although we have made a lot of progress economically, we are still living in the Dark Ages in terms of social belief. Although there are many laws for women, but these are not enforced. Prothom Alo's investigations revealed that only 3 per cent of the accused were convicted in cases of violence against women.

In order to end this situation, first of all, the implementation of the law must be ensured. Second, men's attitudes need to change. Law enforcement members also made derogatory remarks about women's clothing.

The state or men cannot decide what women will wear and what they will do. Article 19 (1) of our constitution states, "The State shall endeavor to ensure equal opportunity for all citizens."

The idea that a bad girl is worse than a bad boy does not advance society and civilization in any way. Family, patriarchal, social and religious stereotypes that hinder the advancement of women must be eliminated.